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Measurement Chart &Order Form

 Measurement Chart

Please fill in Height & Weight for all orders
1 Height (required field)
1a Weight (required field)
2 Forehead circumference
2a Circumference around glasses
3 Neck circumference
4 Chest Width 
(armpit to armpit)
5 Chest circumference inhale
5a circumference around last floating rib
6 Waist circumference inhale
7 Biceps circumference flexed
7a Elbow circumference
8 Forearm circumference
9 Wrist circumference
10 Thigh circumference
10a Knee circumference
11 Calf circumference
12 Ankle circumference
13 Elbow to Shoulder
14 Wrist to Elbow
15 Knee to Hip
16 Knee to Groin (not too high)
17 Knee to Ankle
18 Shoe Size - Please trace on separate sheet.
19 Hand Tracing - Please trace on separate sheet.

- When measuring the length, please measure from pivot point to pivot point. ie: #14 is from pivot point of elbow to pivot point of wrist.  It may help to bend at the elbow and wrist to find the pivot points.
- We prefer measurements to be taken without padding, but if you use padding, please make a note of it.


Illusion Armoring  Order Form
P.O. Box 226
Colville, Washington 99114
Web address: 
We strive to continuously have the finest quality reproduction armor available. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality or workmanship of any item purchased from us, simply return it within 30 days of receipt of your purchase, and we will gladly replace or repair it at your option with no cost to you.

Customer Information Shipping Address (if different)
Name Name
Address Address
City City
State                                              Zip Code State                                              Zip Code
Country Country
Telephone Number Telephone Number
E Mail
Please check all that apply for use of your armor:  ___Re-enactment   ___Display   ___Rennaissance Fair   ___SCA   ___Adrian Empire or Live Steel   ___LARP   ___Theater   ___Other: ____________________
Qty Item (Please use additional sheet if necessary)        
Item cost  Total amt.
PLEASE remember to fill in the measurement chart and mail it with your order.
SHIPPING CHARGES for armor orders listed below
Jewelry shipping costs on jewelry shipping page
All orders shipped through the United States Postal Service unless otherwise requested.
Single Helmet  
in continental United States

Single Shield or Single Breast & Back
$0 to $75
$76 to 150
$151 to $200
$201 and over please email for price or send in order.  

We ship World Wide  Please email us for international pricing.
INSURANCE is an additional 
1.5% of total (total x .015)
Alaska, Hawaii & Foreign orders
email for $
Please inform us of any special shipping arrangements or requirements you may have.
WA residents add 9.5% sales tax
Optional Special Handling Charge(s)

Payment (at least 50%)

METHOD OF PAYMENT must be made in US Dollars only
- Personal Check
- Money Order

- Bank Check
- Western Union
(see below)
- Please do not send cash
- We are not accepting credit cards at this time
-  All personal checks will be held for 2 weeks on final payment before order will be shipped.
- Please see additional payment information on info page
- Please make check or money order payable to Illusion Armoring and mail to us at
Illusion Armoring, PO Box 226, Colville, WA 99114 USA


You will need this information to send us a payment through Western Union

Western Union web page:

Lynette Martin with Illusion Armoring

Western Union @
Super 1 Foods
1250 N. Highway 395
Colville, WA 99114

After you send the payment, you will need to let us know this information:

- Your name or the name you sent it under
- The amount
- The tracking number

It's very important that you let us know you've sent the payment so we can go down and pick it up because we have no other reason to go there and would never find it by accident.

Don't forget to email us the details of your order.

Also, Western Union offers different types of payment methods. If you use a method that takes longer, then it will cost you less. For example, you can send money overnight, or you can send it to be available for the next week. Sending it to be available next week will save you money, but please let us know the date it will be posted so we can be there to pick it up.

We have found that Google will not allow you to send a Western Union payment. We think this is because there are so many scam artists out there asking people to send money through Western Union. Let us assure you that we are a reputable business that has been in business since 1992, we have a web page that lists our business name along with out personal names, and our address. The reason that we use Western Union is because it does not require us to do an enormous amount of paperwork while taking a fee off the top of our prices.

Western Union does charge the customer a fee, but that is something the customer can decide if they want to pay or not. It is not a hidden fee built into our cost to you, it is a fee that is known to you as exactly how much you will be paying for the service. We believe it is an honest way to transfer money electronically.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Illusion Armoring     
PO Box 226, Colville, WA 99114, USA
Web address:
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