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Rush Orders 
A rush order is defined as any order wanted sooner than our current completion times.  
-  We will not rush custom orders, or special size orders.  
-  No rush will be placed on any order that has received a discount.  

Guaranteed 14 days (2 weeks)
add 100%
Guaranteed 30  days (4 weeks)
add 75%
Guaranteed 42 days (6 weeks)
add 60%
Guaranteed 60 days (8 weeks)
add 50%
Guaranteed 12 or more weeks when a specific completion date is requested.
add 25%
All guarantees apply to completion dates, not the date of delivery.  Please make shipping arrangements to meet your needs. 
1. All rush orders must be pre-approved prior to placing the order.  No exceptions.
2. All payments must be made in full with money order or certified check including any special shipping arrangements.
3. Payment must be received within one week following approval.
4. When payment is received in our office, we will contact you to inform you of the exact guaranteed completion date.
5. We will notify you the day we ship your order.
If we miss the guaranteed date we will refund the expedite fee and the shipping charge.
Additional Fees
Any Alterations to Standard Patterns 

Hourly Fee
Minimum Charge
Consultation Fees 
We will be happy to offer some friendly advice on occasion, however, time is money and in order to keep our costs and your costs down, we have found it necessary to impose a consultation fee to those people who require frequent and/or lengthy advice.  We will notify you before we initiate charges. 

Hourly Fee
Minimum Charge
On occasion, due to pattern changes, it will be necessary to charge an additional fee to properly fit unusually sized people.  Once we receive the order with complete measurements we will notify the customer of any additional pattern costs at that time.  We will be happy to refund the down payment if the customer does not wish to pay the additional cost.  We do have many patterns that fit a wide variety of sizes and in most cases do not need additional patterns. 
Custom Orders
Currently all custom orders are being delivered in a minimum of one year at the time of this printing.  If you would like a quote on a piece of armor, please send us a drawing, or photo of it, so we can give you a quote, and an approximate completion date. 
We have 3 different types of discounts:

1.  Discounts are listed on all full suit orders. 

2.  Discounts are offered for any order of five or more like items.  Feel free to contact us for clarification of "like items" but basically it's five of the same items even if each of the five items is a little different.  Here are a couple of examples of five like items:

Five pair of knees ordered as follows:  3 pairs of 5pc knees each with a different fan plate plus 2 pairs of 3pc knees each with a different fan plate.


Five Sallet helmets ordered as follows:  1 with full visor, 2 with punched visors, and 2 with barred visors.

3.  Discounts are offered for multi person orders.  There are a few rules for the multi-person orders as follows:

Multi-Person Discount Order 
- All items must be ordered at the same time.
- Must be ordered only under one person's name.
- Must be paid in full before shipment of any item.
- Will not be rushed.

Payment Method
All orders require a 50 percent non-refundable deposit before work will begin, or a completion date will be issued.  The remaining 50 percent is due upon completion, before we will deliver the order.  Any order cancelled within the first 30 days from the receipt of your order will be charged a 20 percent cancellation fee.  Any order cancelled after 30 days will be subject to our 50 percent non-refundable deposit.  We accept money orders and personal checks in US dollars only.  Personal checks sent on a final payment will be held for two weeks before the order is shipped.  Foreign orders please email for information.  

We have a layaway plan which requires a 20 percent downpayment with monthly payments on the balance due.  This plan requires that the half down payment has been made before work starts on the order.  Work usually starts on layaway orders within two to four weeks of the completion date which normally gives you plenty of time.  Please contact us with any questions you may have on this plan. 

All prices effective on the day of update listed on home page.  Prices subject to change without notice.  All sales are final.  We are not responsible for any injuries or damage occurring from the use of our products.  We reserve the right to sell any unpaid orders held over 90 days after notification of completion. 

No refunds given to people who didn't contact us ahead of time to find out our delivery times or view our home page for current delivery dates.  No refunds given to people who didn't check our current prices before ordering.


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