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Custom Gothic Armor made in 
the Italian style for export

The Gothic Style Armor made in Italian style is one of the most common styles of armor for its time.  It has a simplistic elegance about it, with its smooth graceful fluting and handsome rounded shape. An example of this style suit is at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Royal Armories in Leads, England, and another at the Churburg Museum. This was a medium to high grade of armour in its time yet was produced in large quantities by the Italians for export. It would have had a nice one piece Italian sallet with visor and simple Italian legs.
Italian Style Armor 
Prices for armor photoed to the left
Steel Stainless
1 1480 Italian Breast and Back with Faulds and Tassets

1 Pr 1480 Italian Spaulders
1 Pr Gothic Style Besegews
1 Pr 1480 Italian Full Arms with Half Vambrace
The half vambrace is offered as a period reproduction of the armor.  The arms can be purchased with full vambrace for anyone who would like it.
Additional Italian Style Armor Items
Steel Stainless
1 Pr 1480 Italian Full Arms with Hinged Vambrace
Strapping for above items

This suit can be purchased as a full suit.  The Burgundian Gothic armor would best match this suit.  Please see specific pages for legs, gauntlets and helmets.


Custom High Gothic 1480 with
Punched Brass Trim

This was my first complete suit of armour that I ever made. That was in 1993, and there are many things I would do different but it is still a very nice suit . I originally made it to look like the famed "Sigismund of Tyrol" suit, but after seeing the suit in Vienna Austria a couple of years back and now having video and pictures of the suit (inside and out) I feel confident the next one will be much better. 

*Prices and explanations for optional finishes can be found on the Shields and Accessories page under "Standard Finishes".


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